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Thread: PS1, PS2 and PSP backups on PS3 help?

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    rsa84 Guest

    PS1, PS2 and PSP backups on PS3 help?

    Hi, sorry for the question tried to search either it's not possible or not a good search made. I was checking the news and saw that lastgame had capability to load local or remote ps1/ps2/psp backups does multiman load all those things? could you tell me how please?

    Or if existing thread i missed redirect me please. Tank you

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    credentialz Guest
    ps3 will play any ps1 game if you have launch model ps3 you will be able to play ps2 games .psp requires dongle.

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    rsa84 Guest
    So it is able but only on specific ps3 models, with i do not have. Thought it might have been released a way to play that i missed, guess not then, thank you

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    pinoytechno Guest
    you need a ps3 ceche01 or a 1st or 2nd gen ps3 to play a ps2 game

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