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Thread: ps1/ps2 compatibility on ps3 help?

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    lopaka311 Guest

    ps1/ps2 compatibility on ps3 help?

    how can one find out if his ps3 is backwards compatible with out buying ps1/2 games first?

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    One way you could is to check it on Sony's site here:

    The 20GB, 60GB and 80GB PS3™ systems can play some games designed for older systems. Find out if you can play your PS1 and PS2 system games on your PS3™ system here.
    Another link in chart form:

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    RFLGuedes Guest
    There is a list on the sony website with the retro-compatibility by console serial number. I think that all ps3 models support ps1 games and only some of the early (fat) ps3 models support ps2 games.

    Also found this list on wikipedia, hope it helps:

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    3xodus Guest
    Depends on your model. Only the release PS3 could play PS2 Games, because it included the EE (Emotion Engine) from the PS2, and, the first refresh could emulate PS2 Games, but, the performance was not upto the mark. Any other release after this removed backwards compatibility with PS1 / PS2 Games.

    As for finding whether your system supports it, check this link:

    EDIT: Too late. Kindly ignore.

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