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Thread: PS1 Imports on PS3 help?

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    okyoito Guest

    PS1 Imports on PS3 help?

    I'm using a NTSC-U PS3 and want to play NTSC-J PS1 games. I did CEX to CEX and change my PS3's system Region to Japan and everything worked however when I put in my copy of Metal Gear PS1 import it says it's the wrong region.

    Any of you guys have a suggestion?

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    Tek9 Guest
    I thought all ps3's regardless of region played all and any ps1 games. Have you tried to load it from MultiMan? MultiMan plays ps1 games as well even backups of ps1 games, hope this helps

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    okyoito Guest
    If I understand it correctly the PS3 has:

    BDVIDEO Region A(USA),B(UK) etc
    BDGAME Region Zone 1, Zone2
    DVD Region 1 USA 2 UK etc
    CDGAME Region NTSC-J, NTSC-u

    Now I don't want to play any backups since I have the original discs. I have a theory but I don't know if it's possible. To remarry the drive with the system so the EID is check and the drive is flashed with the correct region. Has anyone confirmed or tried this?

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    windrider42 Guest
    I have the same Metal Gear Solid game from Konami.

    Doesn't load from XMB due to game region restrictions, but loads with Multiman just fine.

    There was no need to change PS3 Region.

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    okyoito Guest
    Going to be updating to current firmware. I'm trying to do it without multiman.

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