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Thread: ps1 emulator for jailbroken ps3?

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    homogamez Guest

    ps1 emulator for jailbroken ps3?

    i have a jailbroken ps3 on 3.41.since i cant play black ops or get on PSN is the anyway i can play ps1 games of my harddrive like a emulator? been looking all over the place didn't have a choice but to post. thank you in advance.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    At the moment that is a no, but I know of a few people working on it.

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    clouduzz Guest
    As bitsbubba said no for a PS1 emulator but you can play Black Ops online by using the correct payload for your board.

    In case you didn't know here are some of the other emulators


    Multi Emu

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