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    [Answered] PS1 Disk to PS3 / PS Vita help?

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    Hey, I've been wondering if there's a way to copy a PS1 disk onto a PS3. By this I mean if there isn't a certain PS1 game -- for example Gauntlet: Legends -- available on PSN, and you own the disk for the game, is it possible to copy it over from the disk and onto the PS3? If it's possible to do this, is there also a way to copy it to a PS Vita? The Vita's remote play works ok in the same house, but I want to play on the go, with less lag.

    So is any of this possible?
    Best Answer - Posted by Ozz465:

    not possible with out CFW. end of story.

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    good question, wonder if anyone tried that before o.o

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    I've searched everywhere and I just can't find anything... It seems like nobody's bothered to try

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    I am not sure if you're on a modified firmware, but I believe that on Rogero's 4.30 or 3.55 you do that with the help of an emulator called PS3SX. There's a way to install the game from the CD and play it directly from the HDD with that emulator. Some searching will do good for you.

    There's also a way to download PSX games on your PC, move them to the PS3, and play them, but they have to be in a certain format which I believe is either .pkg or .iso.

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    I don't feel like dealing with putting a CFW on my PS3, but could you explain how to convert it to the right format on a PC?

    Would really like some info.

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    You can now play your PS1 games on PS3 with the last version of Multiman!!!

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    Confused PSOne to PS3 / Vita help?

    Can someone please give me an answer? Please don't say to use Multiman or CFW, because that is not what I'm looking for, and it doesn't answer the part about the Vita anyway.

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    not possible with out CFW. end of story.


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