hey fellow members it's just like the title says, my ps vita whenever i plug it in and go to content manager on vita and try to connect the device i get a error message on ps vita saying "quit all software you are running on the ps3" when i not even running apps just waiting on the main xmb screen of my ps3 and trying to get my ps vita to start a connect to it.

i guess it has to do with the fact my ps3 is the old 60gb launch model, i'm recently running Rogero 4.30 cfw on my ps3 and the problem is still present whether i'm on any official (3.55 and below) or custom firmware (4.21 and 4.30) the reason i'm trying to get this problem resolved is because i want to copy over videos, games, dump my ps vita games on my ps3 and other stuff.

any help or advice anyone can give me to fix this problem would be great either message me or reply in this thread with any information you guys might have. on another note i have another ps3 which is a 80gb running official firmware and the odd thing is my ps vita connects just fine and everything