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Thread: PS Vita Backup to PC via CMA help?

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    Erz Guest

    PS Vita Backup to PC via CMA help?

    Guys, I need help for my PS Vita. Each time I want to backup the file to PC with CMA, the file ALWAYS not 100% complete

    For example I want backup 1GB PS Vita data to PC, the file always stop at 500MB. Each time I try it will always give the same result. There is even no Error notification or anything

    Is my PS Vita error or my PC that is not right, someone please help

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    rodq Guest


    What kind of file? Movie, music, game... What version of CMA, PSVita firmware...

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    Erz Guest
    The file I want to backup is Full Game that I download from PSN Store. My version of CMA is 2.10.6402.20 and PS Vita firmware is 2.12

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    rodq Guest
    Weird how is "stopping" at 500Mb, are you sure you checked the game after backup in APP folder in CMA (on PC)?

    On PSVita it only says how much time remains to finish transferring, not remaining size. Is not copying the entire game (1:1), as you can see in the attached screenshots (i made 2 backups of a game, just to check).

    Maybe your game is set to backup just ~500Mb? I don't ask you how much free space you have on your PC (doh..)

    Take some screenshots on PSVita, eventually Rebuild Database in Safe Mode on PSVita (shut down PSVita then press Power+PS+R to enter safe mode).

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    Erz Guest
    Sorry rodq, I should put some pic on the first place >_<

    As you can see in PIC 1, the file I want to backup is 1081MB with 27GB free space on my PC. You can see the process on PIC 2, and lastly on PIC 3 it's finished. BUT the result is different, you can clearly see it in PIC 4

    The file I want to backup is 1081MB or 1,08GB but the result give 837MB. I already try to backup and Rebuild Database in safe mode again and again for 10 times with different PC but the result still the same...

    rodq, is there something wrong with my PS Vita?

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    rodq Guest
    You did a full backup, not just a Game backup. And indeed (tested, see screenshots), seems like PSVita backup size is not as it seems, probably parts of backup are stored as compressed archives or a math bug, who knows?

    Your Vita is "good", Sony needs to fix this, as a "improvement".

    P.S. You could take a screenshot on PSVita by pressing PS+Start.

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    Erz Guest
    Thank you very much rodq, I really owe you much I'm relieved that my Vita is in good condition

    I can't believe Sony can be this ignorant, I wonder if they ever test their own product or firmware (-_-)

    P.S. I just know that I can take a screenshot on PSVita just by pressing PS+start >_<

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