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    xtomek1988xx Guest

    PS Store - download?


    Can I download any demos, trailers and more files from PS Store to my computer disk and after that copy to PS3? I cant find files to download in PS Store on computer... And in PS3 I don't have internet connection.. Maybe my question is stupid for more users, but I'm new in PSFamily Somebody help me?

    P.S. My English isn't good, but I want to learn this langue.. I'm very sorry for my mistakes in text.

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    Apr 2005
    If you have a recent PS3 Firmware (2.4+) then you can only download demos from the PS Store to your PS3 but not install them, as mentioned HERE.

    It allows you to install (and play) some of them with older Firmware, but there is currently no work-around for newer as Sony has blocked it on them. Some guides on doing this are HERE.

    Finally, here is a list of download links in case you didn't see it: http://ps4news.com/subdomain.php?pagename=psn

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