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Thread: ps jailbreak windows 7 driver help?

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    Baoh14 Guest

    Exclamation ps jailbreak windows 7 driver help?

    Hi to all, sorry for mine english

    I have download the psjailbrake uploader, but mine PC don't reconize the JBKey.

    Do you know where to find the Windows 7 Drivers 64 and 32 bit pls?


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    snoekie Guest
    As far as I know, there is no upgrade for the psjailbreak. There is an upgrade for the file manager. that is a PKG file. You need to put that file on a memory stick (fat32) and install that PKG on your PS3.

    Perhaps you can clarify you question by telling us what files you have? And exactly what type of jailbreak device?

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    Baoh14 Guest
    Mine is this one in attach.

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    snoekie Guest
    Let me first explain the 3.41/3.50 situation: Your PS3 should always be firmware 3.41 (or lower). This update allows you to play games that require 3.50. If you PS3 is version 3.50, you cannot use any jailbreak.

    There is also a windows 7 driver link, you need to install that first. (original ps3news post:

    Windows 7 Driver link: You need 7Zip, for example, to open the .rar file.

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    Baoh14 Guest
    Ok, for now With the firmware 3.50 you can't use the JB I understand.

    Is better wait the official release of the uploader..

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