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Thread: PS Jailbreak 2 with FW 3.15 help?

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    vger2 Guest

    Question PS Jailbreak 2 with FW 3.15 help?

    Newbie to this and need some direction. I have original 60 gb released ps3 with fw 3.15 & linux installed. Would like to keep Other OS feature. I have a ps jailbreak 2 and need to know which jailbreak hex exploit is available that supports fw 3.15.


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    DeViL303 Guest
    I'm sure you must mean 3.15 or 3.10, probably 3.15, 3.14 doesn't exist. I don't know much about psjailbreak2, they must have a support site of some description? try there, I'm not sure if all these jailbreak clones are supporting 3.15, i'm sure some of them only support 3.41.

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    vger2 Guest


    Thanks for the response DeViL303, but I thought PS3 FW 3.41 was last FW that supported the Other OS feature. I think FW 3.15 removed this feature. If someone can verify this.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    3.15 definitly retained otherOS, it was 3.21 that removed the feature, there is no such thing as 3.14.

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    vger2 Guest

    Big Grin

    Thanks DeViL303, I stand corrected. Anyway, what current available jailbreak payload can I use with PS Jailbreak 2 on FW 3.15.

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