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    PS Jailbreak

    Hi, i am new to this i have the PS Jailbreak for my PS3 and i have 2 question first one is do i have to do the power cycle ever time i turn on my PS3 eg. power switch, power button then eject button do i have to do this ever time thanks.

    My second question is do i have to have a disc in the drive all the time i am playing back-ups i am a bit confussed about this and not sure what software i need thaank you for all help

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    To start Jailbreak, your PS3 must be off, not standby. If you don't do it, PS3 will start normally. And yes you have to do it every time you want to start Backup-Manager.

    If you are in the Backup-Manager insert disc and let it in all time you play.

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    i have been hearing about download manager 2 which says i do not need a disc is this ture or has it not been fully tested.

    forgot to ask does it matter what external HDD i use with it thanks again.

    i have heard something about ps groove and hermes i think that what they are sorry if wrong.

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    Backup Manager 2 works to load games without a disc, but some games will not work without a disc. It is best to always use a disc, if possible.

    Any external HDD 2TB or less will work.

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