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Thread: ps goove at90usb 3 leds help?

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    thirstygamer Guest

    ps goove at90usb 3 leds help?

    I got the attached stick and can't get it to work I have flashed it like 10 times and tried it about 50ish PS3 firmware is 3.41 og 60gig i intsalled the drivers on xp so its recognized and used atmel flip 3.4.2 to flash the stick has 3 leds not 2.

    can someone confirm if this stick is groovable and advise what file or steps need to be done I have used hermes hex files and other ones only the at90usb file. I have only booted my playstation once to a single green led but still no install app or anything under game.

    also is it possible to have backup manager I have external and lots of titles.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    This board should work just fine with any HEX file for Teensy board - try "psgroove_1.1_Teensy_1.0.hex" from the "" from EvillSperm all pack included here:

    As an easy first check - after flashing the board via FLIP and using either Start application option in FLIP or simply removing and reinserting the board to your PC it should:

    1. Lit up both Red + Green Leds (unlike prior flashing the HEX file)

    2. PC should find USB HUB

    3. PC should find another unrecognizable device

    After that try in your PS3 and I'm pretty sure it should work this time

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    thirstygamer Guest
    K dude you rule! So under game:

    1.*App_home/ ps3_game when i hit X get error code but I ve plugged in my hard drive externel and it has rar and un rared copy of assasins creed 2 on fat32 75 gig does it need to be in a folder or something does it need to be compressed or uncompressed i imagine.

    2. also in install pkg files but nothing there I imagine this is for homebrews and backup manager but really don't know. Can I run back up manager?. and how do i get to it.

    please advise I read a lot of the posts and try to figure out most on my own but you will save me hella time if you could answer thx in advance. by the way i spent all of yesterday trying to pass that until i posted today.

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    zaror1992 Guest
    You must create a folder called "GAMEZ" in the root of the external HD, inside of "GAMEZ" a folder named with his ID.

    For explample: /GAMEZ/BCUS00644

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    thirstygamer Guest
    these are not backups, torrented and hotfiled, i have the rar's I tried the GAMEZ folder and other one inside, still gives error. also found PS3ISO2JB.v0.5 was thinking it might be what i need but it doesnt find the ISO and it doesnt populate the rar's.

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