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Thread: Proxy don't work with FW 2.35

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    Proxy don't work with FW 2.35

    after doing some testing seems that the links have a signature.

    Let me explain:

    The files are digitally signed (by size and a key), is trying to change no longer work. (As if trying to modify the firmware is no longer accepted).

    It seems that the PS3 have our account. And it has a database of information from our download and store. By comparing the signature of the link with the pkg if they were not compatible download the error.

    I give my congratulations to the sony. They are getting the PS3 is not hacked the force.

    Since I am not an experienced programmer can not make an application showing that the PS3 the fak.pkg instead 500mb indicate has the original size and its signature

    I had a page of Intranet (yes intranet) with the files pkg. The PS3 refusal to accept the PS3.

    I hope that has helped the Dev of ps3news. In that they can make an application we can use again in the proxy folding home.

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    We have threads on this, check the Newbie section please.

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