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    Jan 2011

    Protecting My PS3 Discs help?

    Hi everyone, just had a question hoping someone can shed some light on, I am past being a complete noob but not by far so I apologize if my question is stupid. I have quite a few games, I purchased course and over time the discs got scratched, ect. making them unable to play.

    Thank god I backed them up, after I bought them as I am on kmeaw 3.55 and can play the backups, of the games that I purchased. My question is why I would I backup my purchased games that require 3.60 - 4.x , as I cannot play them? Thank you for your time to read my hopefully not too stupid question.

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    There are alot of devs that are working on ways to play newer games. I would make backups and save them cause this hobby can change in a matter of a few break throughs. There is always hope that someone will release something that will play newer games. Thanks.

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    the reason why you cant play newer games (3.6+ games that is) is because that these new games are signed with new keys.

    think about these keys like a password on a rar file, without that password, you cant use the file. So same here, without the newer keys, we cant play them.

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    Wow... to come back on the scratches... what did you do with the discs?? Blu- ray discs are very tough! So I cannot believe you make scratches on them without forcing...

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    Yeah, I'll admit thats an interesting one, the disks have a special coating to prevent scratches. Apart from taking a key to a disc, it's quite hard to scratch them with normal use. You could try (depends on publisher) calling and asking for a new disc. If the disc is scratched / damaged they may send you a new one in exchange for the broken one for shipping costs.

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