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Thread: Progskeet PS3 downgrade help?

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    marcin888888 Guest

    Confused Progskeet PS3 downgrade help?

    I dumped flash from ps3 fat ceche using progskeet solderless clip. what should I do next ? I don't want to mess this up.

    question: why there are two flash chips? do i have to write both?

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    pinkone Guest
    The nand consoles "like your's" have 2 interleaved 128MB nand chips and a controller chip that makes the two look like one big flash to the south bridge.

    You need to dump both of the nands with WinSkeet with it set to dual nand in the common tab and then check your dump with HxD.

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    marcin888888 Guest
    I can't figure out how to make it work, would be awesome if someone patched and make them ready to write into flash

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    racer0018 Guest
    I wish I could help but I won't be around a computer for a few. But I will do it for you if you wait a little. Thanks

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    pinkone Guest
    To do this you need to make a single unscrambled bin with Flowrebuilder then with WinSkeet apply the nand patches then use Flowrebuilder to make two scrambled bins to flash back with WinSkeet.

    More details can be found here ( and here are your fixed files:

    I'd still do it myself just so you can.

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    sintetix Guest
    Before flashing read the wiki.. Otherwise you can permanently brick your PS3!!!

    Also I have questions for you:

    How hard it was to dump with progskeet even with solderless clips? Is it really solderless or it was necessary to do some soldering to modify progskeet itself and/or clips? How many times you tried to read dump before success? Was it hard to apply clip on flash chip? How did you powered flash chips?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Do you still need help with this? Thanks

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    marcin888888 Guest
    I got it working. thanks for reply

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