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Thread: ProgSkeet PS3 CECHC/COK-002 Downgrade help?

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    FlashActiVe Guest

    ProgSkeet PS3 CECHC/COK-002 Downgrade help?

    Hi everyone, I try on the degree Progskeet a PS3 CECHC straight down to. So now I installed everything and installed himself on the Progskeet I've just joined the R9 & R11 R8 contacts is also connected by the 0 was back.

    Now if I Winskeet anmache and "tools" to make short-circuit test is concluded that (picture) and if I clean for NAND 1 & 2 and click on the label do then is automatically "0000000000 Unknown" Thus, the NAND is not known where the error?

    Progskeet and the injector are connected together via USB.

    Best regards

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    racer0018 Guest
    You have to test for shorts on the progskeet with it just hooked up to the USB snd not the ps3. It will come up with shorts if it connected to the ps3. Ok for the next one if you are Trying to automatic detect the NAND chip and it is coming with 0000.... Then it is not connected to the NAND chip correct. If with a clip check the clip is set right, if soldered check all the wires are solder correct. Also don't dump both chips at the same time. Do one and then the other. Thanks.

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