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Thread: Progskeet / PS3 60GB dual nand help?

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    brendanj9554 Guest

    Question Progskeet / PS3 60GB dual nand help?

    hey, the title says it all, i plan to install prokskeet onto my 60gb fat console (dual nand)

    has anyone got a diagram, so i can tell what wires go to what nand (i want to solder directly to nand legs btw, i have to learn to solder at some point. i am not intrested in the clips)

    i have got the following equipment, so tips tricks general advice/help is needed.

    15w fine tip soldering iron
    lead free solder (fine)
    60/40 leaded solder (fine)
    solder paste (flux & paste)
    dremal hot air soldering iron
    30awg kynar (multi colours, want a pretty install)
    copper braid
    no clean liquid flux
    regular flux (paste)
    hot glue gun

    any help will be great, is it possible to use paste/hot air?
    i have read that i shouldnt be using test points on the 60gb dual nand and need to solder to legs directly

    so if you can help please do, i am looking in the general directions of mushy and idone also

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    altair80 Guest
    progskeet dated to me now is just wasting money and time if you had to do a job like you have to mount the E3 !

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    hi thanks for reply, i don't intend on downgrading etc. i want to use progskeet for other reasons, such as writing certain addresses of the memory

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    stdule Guest
    e3 use only nor, progskeet flash nor end nand. look at this link:


    Other people haven't been sitting idle either: uf6667 and xxxx have developed Progskeet, based on a Actel A3P125 MCU for NAND and NOR based consoles (not only PS3, but also useable for Wii and Xbox360).

    put switch in "OFF" (R7 is open) position so that progskeet is not powered.
    power on the ps3 and wait for 20-25 seconds, put the switch in the "ON" (R7 closed) position, so progskeet is powered and will be recognized by the PC.
    NAND is always on now, do everything as usual

    select Big Block
    select Raw
    Pages per block: 64
    blocks: 1024

    That will give you 132MB (138,412,032 bytes) per NAND (dump time ~ 00:02:40 per NAND)

    For normal console operation (e.g. after you dumped, flashed/downgraded it): you need switch to "on" (R7 closed) and progskeet USB disconnected

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    cfwprophet Guest
    ProgSkeet also have NAND/NOR clips for solder free instalation. Also you can buy a second PCB with a 1GB Flash on it to store a second FW and use it for dual boot.

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    mushy409 Guest
    There are alternative pinouts for the SEM-001 board (60Gb UK model) which I did for the Infectus - if you know what you're looking at you can easily figure out the connections for the Progskeet.

    BTW - soldering directly to a TSOP48/56 is NOT for the beginners - even I try to avoid doing it and I'm an IPC trained technician...

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    thanks mushy, after studying the board last night i decided against soldering directly to the nands, a bridge is very likely indeed,
    so instead i have just gone out and got myself another slim

    i have a slim already, but needed a back up incase things go titsup.

    next question(s), what slim is best to use

    1. CECH-2503A (ON FW 4.00 - STOCK UNKNOWN, POSSIBLY 3.30??)
    2. CECH-3003A (ON FW 3.72 - STOCK FW 3.72, BRAND NEW)

    nice one

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