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    Progskeet and Infectus wire type help?

    Is the Infectus 2 and Progskeet version 1.1 the same? Do you know how to program these 2 little things? Also, what type/kind of wire do I use to solder and what gauge? Is 22 gauge solid hookup wire ok to use from RadioShack?

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    Well I've never owned an infectus before so can't answermuch about it. What I do know is that they are 2 completely different devices that do the same thing (flash hardware). The progskeet comes preprogrammed but if need be you can use an injectus to reprogram it. Another plus with the progskeet is that it is solderless for the Nor chip PS3's (still waiting for the nand adaptor to be solderless for the phat nand models)

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    I use the CAT5 NetWork wire it solder good I have not rest it yet. I am still waiting for my teensy++ to come.

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    Ok, cool. Now, I am about to solder some of this wire I have to the newest Progskeet which is the crystal blue edition version 1.1 and I have a Injectus JTAG Programmer and a Teensy ++. I have seen these diagrams of the white Progskeet and are the wires to be soldered onto the blue the same as the white one? Do I have to remove the R8 and solder to the R7? Is the Progskeet crystal blue already pre-programmed or do I have to program it with the QT Flasher, Flow Rebuilder, etc.?

    CAT5 network wire? I've never heard of that one. I thought it has to be a solid wire?

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    Use 30 gauge - might be sold as kynar. Nice and thin, much thinner than the Cat5 cable. 22 gauge is way too thick, at least depending on where you are soldering too. For power/ground - you want to use a thicker wire, but for going to the legs of flash chips - use 30 gauge. Of course, if your going to pads on the back of the board, you can use a bit of a thicker wire, however I'd still go with the thinner stuff - less of a chance of lifting the pad right off the board!

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    I might be wrong but l thought the care wire is 24 gauge

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    I use 30 gauge wire for all my soldering. It works great and easy to work with.

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    I was told that 30 gauge is too thin and very easy to break. What about 24 or 26 gauge? Where can I find Kynar wire? Also, the 360 clip will actually work on flashing NAND PS3? Can I flash one at a time? How do I flash using the pre-programmed Progskeet? Do I use the QT Flasher or something else?

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    My 2 NANDs from my Fat PS3 & motherboard

    Here are pics. I wish I could just swap the CPU and GPU, but they are soldered on there. Damn Sony.

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    I have never had a problem with 30 gauge wires. If I were at home I would post some pictures. I soldered in 50 wires on a ps3 with 30 gauge and never had a wire break. I have a ps2, wii and countless ps3s with 30 gauge and it solders so nice. Thanks

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