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Thread: Programming PS3 Jailbreak clones help?

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    GotNoUsername Guest

    Programming PS3 Jailbreak clones help?


    There are countless Jailbreak clones out there now and it seems every one of them use diffrent files. Is it possible to program say eg. a x2break any other files (eg. teensy 2 hex's) than their very special pup's ?!? Or do the sticks require the bin's, Pup's usw.. provided by their groups ?!?

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    phazer11 Guest
    Generally they all seem to use "payloads" but then again I do not know much about the stick dongles as I used my TI-84 Plus to jailbreak mine I'll do some googling and let you know more about the x2.

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    severusx Guest
    Almost all of the clones require special payloads and loader programs from their respective manufacturer. The only way one would work with a payload for a dev board was if it had the same processor and clock speed (i.e. AT90USB1286 16mhz). You would also need to make sure that the dongle had a boot loader on board. In short, if you want to try different payloads, pick up a dev board like the Teensy, they are only $18.

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    cocobanana Guest
    you need your type, clock and bitrate.

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    Dayclone Guest
    Hey GotNoUsername,

    How did you load up payload to your X2Break?


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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Just download the files you need from their site, to get the stick to be recognized you perhaps need to press the reset button , the tiny one on the chip. One way to reach it you need a tiny thing like a toothpick or you just remove the case of the stick but be carefull not to touch it witch plain finger , statics.

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