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    Problems with Splitting/Merging help?

    When I merge games onto the PS3 and try to run them I get corrupt data. Recently tried RDR but the game doesn't show up in my BM just the original BLUS folder. Any advice? Thanks

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    sounds like the split files maybe in the wrong format for your manager (they need to follow a specific naming convention), check in your managers thread for the names for the part files or connect through ftp to the ps3's internal drive and check if the files have been merged.

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    Hmm, that might be it I used open split and merged with MM. I thought it might be a param issue, but I will try what you suggested.

    Didn't help, they merge correctly but are unplayable. The BM still recognizes the folder but doesn't associate a game to it like the rest. Anyone else have an issue with RDR?

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