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Thread: Problems with running JB backup games?

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    reiben Guest

    Problems with running JB backup games?

    I have seen people being able to run a lot of the games or at least on:

    Yes I do not have a working PS3 DISC I could try to put it in my ps3 but would that affect the compatibility by a whole lot ?

    I have a Ps3YES dongle. (AT90USB162) I am using:

    PS3YES Firmware Version 1.0923 , hermes, LV2 (Beta, Zipped)
    Right now I am using (Open Manager Jurai Mod - Oct3 344pm build)

    I have tried using BUM 2 or Open Manager but most of the games (at least the ones that I really want to try still isn't working) yet I have seen alot of successful stories about people being able to play them. May I know what could be wrong ?

    1) Gow3 (Not working, goes back to XMB after loading)

    2) Heavy Rain (Able to enter game but black screen, when L3 is pressed, QA Menu appears, but that's about it, nothing runs nothing loads)

    3) Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (Able to launch, but black screen, nothing moves nothing loads, no signs of freezing though I can still exit back to XMB)

    4) GT 4 Prologue (Working)
    5) Bayonetta (Working)
    6) Demon Souls (Working)
    7) WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 (Working)
    8) ModNation Racer (Working)

    just curious, does putting any random disc (not bluray) inside ps3 helps with the 'must have disk inside in order to run game' issue ?

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    barbnjason Guest
    Some games just won't work without a Blu-ray game disc in the drive.

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    darkfrontias Guest
    hey dude, i think you should try get a better dongle, and you have to be careful in filtering those out as it can both damage your ps3 and does not satisfy your needs.

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