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    lukazzo Guest

    Problems with The Last of Us backup help?

    Hi to all, i have a lot of problems with last of us backup.

    i run it from internal hdd, the hdd is new is a hitachi 500gb 5400rpm and other games run fine. this one since the first loading that take around 2-3 minutes to load have problems. have a lot of bugs like voices loaded later, games freeze because dont load textures in time, video that dont load.

    I read for some solutions but i only find how to play from external. You have some suggestions for load it better?


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    JeoWay Guest
    What Custom Firmware are you on?

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    StevenTj Guest
    Just select BDMirror in mM settings and see what happened.

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    dyceast Guest
    I had the same problem, dont know if it was related to duplex version or not though.

    It only happened to 1 or 2 scenes, I just turned on subtitles lol

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