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Thread: Problems with gaia 1.04.1 help?

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    DAXALE Guest

    Problems with gaia 1.04.1 help?

    Hello, I have a problem with the installation.

    I have Backup Manager and I want to install Gaia but I dont know how to install it.

    I have tried by turning on my ps3 jailbroken mode and insert usb with gaia within.

    But the there is only the folder, with nothing inside, but in my pc there are both programs, ...Gamez.pkg, and ...bdrips.pkg.

    Also I dont want to erase my previous backups games.


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    EiKii Guest
    Are you using the install packages folder at Game menu? and to find the .pkg they need to be in root of usb, won't reconize in folder,

    it won't delete youre games, unless you remove the original manager that would indeed remove the games.

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    severusx Guest
    Make sure that you have the PKG files in the root of your USB drive, then navigate to the "Install Packages" option in the Game section of the XMB. Select the package you wish to install. IIRC each of those packages specifies which folder location you want to install your backed up games to, so you dont need to install both.

    If you are still using the original PS Jailbreak Backup Manager, Gaia will not erase your backed up games. Use an FTP Client on your PC to move the game folders over the folder you choose for Gaia.

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