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    [UnAnswered] Problem when quitting a game

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    Hi all,

    just wondering if anyone else has this problem as Sony doesn't seem to have an answer for me. My problem is when I'm playing a game, and I want to quit and return back to the system screen to play a different game it seems to lock me in that screen. Example: I'm playing Resistance and I hold my PS button to get the quit screen, when I go to quit game, I press the x button but nothing happens! I can't even press the O button to return to the game, I'm just stuck at that screen. Only want to return back to the game is to remove the controller and plug it back it. Also, another problem is when I'm playing Resistance my contollers are all wacky when I get into the tank, it starts going into reverse for no reason... Not sure why Sony can't give me an answer so hopfully someone can answer me.

    BTW my firmware is at 1.51 maybe I should update to 1.6

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    Your problem could be in a faulty controler but, if you have a mouse and keyboard connected to the ps3 while you're using the controller the two will interfere. Are you using a mouse or keyboard?

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    Thxs for the quick reply. No, I'm just using the regular PS3 controller with no mouse or keyboard. Everything was working fine before I got Virtua Tennis 3. My Firmware was at 1.10 then the game asked me to update to 1.31 so I upgraded from the disc that was when I started getting these errors. So I decided today to update to 1.51 but that still doesn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSPT View Post
    Only want to return back to the game is to remove the controller and plug it back it.
    So you have your controller plugged in at all times? Try to do it wireless, maybe it's a bad USB cable.

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    Hmmm.. Could be what OnA XM202 said, but if we misunderstood that you always have your controller plugged in(which the controllers are bluetooth, they don't need the cord just so you know) then : If it only started doing this after you updated your firmware originally, I guess that there is an extremely tiny, miniscule, almost even nonexistent chance that in updating firmware (If it's legal, and I'm guessing it is because custom FW's haven't been released to my knowledge) that the update could have slightly messed with your hardware in the flashing. Either that or the controller is messed up, but I can't think of many other things. You're gonna need several more oppinions, good luck with this.
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    Thx guy for the super quick replys. I'll try to update to firmware 1.6 now, and rent a controller at blockbuster and see what happens. I'll report back in a few days. Thx!


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