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    Question [UnAnswered] Problem with videos on internal PS3 hdd?

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    I was trying to free up some space on my ps3 today. When I tried to delete some videos, the ps3 blackscreened forcing me to pull out the plug. I tried it again and again. Everytime, I went on any of the videos, the ps3 just blackscreened. I have looked all over the web, but can't find anything. How can I fix this?


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    try rebuild the database in the recovery menu, other than that it sounds like the HDD could be corrupt.

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    How would I do that? Would I lose all my photos, music, etc by doing that??


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    How to Access Playstation Recovery Menu

    WARNING! Do not enter recovery mode if you are on OFW 3.56. You will get stuck there and be forced to send your console to Sony.

    1. Turn off Playstation 3.
    2. Hold the power button down; The system will turn on and turn off once again.
    3. Once the System has been shutdown, re-press your finger until you hear 2 consecutive beeps
    4. When you hear the 2 beeps take finger off power button.
    5. You will be promted to plug in your controller via usb and then hit the PS button
    6. The Recovery menu will pop up.

    Choose rebuild HD database from this menu. Once complete it should allow you to delete the corrupted data. If not you will want to make a backup of all your saves, media, and other information and then format the drive. REMEMBER! This WILL erase all information on your HD.
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    if you're on 3.56 you wont get stuck in recovery menu, that's service mode.

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    Ok. So if I chose the rebuild hd database, this will take me to another screen where I can then rebuild the video data? If not, would this option rebuild the entire hdd? Would this option allow me to keep everything I have stored on the hdd?? Thanks.

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    The videos are almost certainly lost, which shouldn't matter if you were going to delete them anyways. But rebuilding, as far as I can remember, essentially segregates the bad data from the good, allowing you to delete the corrupted stuff. I had to do this once before on the PS3 and it was a fairly painless process so don't freak out over it.

    As an aside, I've never heard of the getting stuck in recovery mode? Any more information on it?

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    Just to add to this - I've been using Kmeaw and had some strange black screens and odd things happening to the PS3 (Controller not syncing, PS3 not booting etc..)

    Fixed it by entering service mode and re-applying the CFW over the top. This was after a HDD rebuild and everything else. Took a while (Controller worked maybe 1 in 5 reboots - even using the reset button on the back) but since then I haven't had an issue.

    MIGHT be something helpful to you, worth a shot if all else fails at the very least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misfit119 View Post
    As an aside, I've never heard of the getting stuck in recovery mode? Any more information on it?
    My mistake, I had that confused with Service mode, which you will get stuck in if you try the downgrade procedure on a 3.56. You can use Recovery mode without any issues.

    As was mentioned above, rebuilding your HD should not erase anything and should allow you to complete the deletion of the corrupt data. Of course I would recommend that you make a backup of your Saved Games and other data before starting the procedure just in case.


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