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Thread: problem uploading game via ftp server help?

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    rancid2000 Guest

    problem uploading game via ftp server help?

    hi, for about a week now i have a lot of problems to transfer file via ftp server. i'm using fillezila an ps3 ftp server i can conect to my playstation i can see the directory, but when i try to transfer games nothing open. i need help if someone can suggest me better software to transfer file to ps3 via ftp. thanks

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    thegavna99 Guest
    try flash fxp..

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    severusx Guest
    Use the FTP server built into MultiMan instead of BlackB0x or whatever you are using on the PS3. There is nothing wrong with FileZilla. Connect to the PS3 anonymously.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    the same thing happened to me... Use inbuilt ftp of multiman or gaia and use flash fxp... i did that and it worked...

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