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    Feduz Guest

    Problem with update of Test Drive Unlimited 2 help?

    hello to everyone, i have the BLUS30527 test drive, when i update the game (1.01 or 1.02 ecc) and i play, i have the black screen, why? thanks for support

    i have rogero 4.40 v 1.03

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    pauliux963 Guest
    Try using the BD mirror option in MM. Helped me with 90 percent of black screens.

  3. #3
    jensen76 Guest
    did you try indstalling all 6 opdates first 1.01 the 1.02 and bla bla bla

  4. #4
    Feduz Guest
    yes, i try also only 1.01, or 1.01 and 1.02, or all update, but nothing

  5. #5
    jensen76 Guest
    try with bd mirror through multiman maybe it will work.. and delete old game data every time the game doesn't start right before you try something else.

  6. #6
    Feduz Guest
    now i try, i have to activate te option "external" in mm game?

    nothing, update 1.01 bd mirror and black screen

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