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    Unhappy [UnAnswered] Problem with TV?

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    Hey guys ok strange problem but lets start with my tv:

    35" Philips FLAT TV HDTV LCD

    ANyways, the problem is if i connect it via AV and then change it to HDMI and play the first game, it works. However if i quit game and try another game, it doesnt work.

    I need to change in settings back to AV and then back to HDMI and also restart the ps3 and then it works again (only the first game ) WHY such a strange problem? what could be causing this? i have firmware 1.90

    please ANY suggestions at all, coz im totally out of ideas and have no clue at all.


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    I have the similar problem, i cant seem to find anything to be able to fix it a bit.

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Is the PS3 defaulting back to av? or do you have to do the hard reset holding down power till it beeps twice (resets defaults according to sony) i only had that problem when i took my ps3 to a friends house who didnt have HD and when i hooked up other cables (av) got the black screen.

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    It seems more of a problem with your TV. I had that problem once, but ever since I moved my PS3 to my room, I never had that problem anymore.

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    why do you switch back to AV? why no just stick with HDMI? do you have the AV cables connected WHILE you have the hdmi cable in? just take it out turn on tv and make sure hdmi is connected. It should auto-detect the cables and set itself for proper output.


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