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Thread: Problem on Transfering my games to my ps3?

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    Warrorar Guest

    Problem on Transfering my games to my ps3?

    Hey Guys,

    i read many threads now but stucing on one point. how can i transfer my games onto my ps3?

    i have a 500gb hdd formatet onto fat32 which could be used for transfering, but what is the folder strucutre the ps3 would recognize?

    also i tried the blackbox ftp 1.2 tool. but when i try to transfer Star Ocean (one file is 22gb) it says on 13gb "conection lost because there where no transfer to long time" (like that, the error gets shown in german)

    now i don't really know how i can get my games onto my ps3 =/


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    modmate Guest

    For the external hdd just make a folder named "GAMEZ" on the root. At least the latest OM will recognize it. (Most others should too)

    For ftp i advice to take flash fxp to transfer games, but you could also use your external drive and the Open Manager to copy games to internal.

    If the game got files bigger then 4gb you have to use Opensplit to split the files, then copy to your external and copy and merge back to internal with Open manager.

    Greets Modmate

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