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Thread: problem with running Heavenly soard PAL

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    Rami2007 Guest

    Unhappy problem with running Heavenly soard PAL

    guys please help I just bought PAL heavenly sword and inserted it in my American NTSC PS3 and every time I try to run it I got:

    "You cannot play this game at the current video output setting.

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    Nanobr3ker Guest
    i guess u need a HDTV to run this US copy of the game since your using PAL video mode on your PAL PS3, my brother have a PAL PS3 and played my US copy of heavenly sword, works fine @ 720p.

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    Rami2007 Guest
    my ps3 is Americn NTSC not pal but the game is PAL

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    Nanobr3ker Guest
    i see, well it's the same thing for PAL, you still need HDTV to run PAL games minimal @720p resolution.

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    myfranco Guest
    Your tv might not have PAL support

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    Nanobr3ker Guest
    its nothing to do with the TV, the game is PAL which have more have different resolution. since the console itself only supports NTSC video output, it won't support PAL video output on SD. but will support HD resolution because it is identical to PAL (720p/1080i/1080p)

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    Rami2007 Guest
    I got it now, thanx a lot nano

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