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    Kozunak Guest

    Problem with a PSN game help?

    So yesterday me and my friend wanted to play some Castle Crashers. I downloaded the duplex release becouse it was the only one i could find, followed the instructions and when i start the game I get an error, went back to the torrent and discovered that the crack is for cfw 3.55 and i have 4.46. Does anyone know is there a way to start the game on 4.XX or is it a lost cause?

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    hilongo Guest
    I am not sure... but I think you have to find a 4.x fix for the game.. as the 3.55 fix cannot be "fixed" to work on 4.46

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    misiozol Guest
    Resign for 3.56+ with aldo's tools should help.

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    windrider42 Guest
    There is an edat file you need

    Install Guide: Copy edat file to your user-profile on ps3 /dev_hdd0/home/0000000x/exdata/. Install game.


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    Kozunak Guest
    Thanks for the help, you guys are amazing.

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