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Thread: Problem with PS3 3.55 FW help?

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    Lanceris5 Guest

    Problem with PS3 3.55 FW help?

    Hey guys, can somebody help me... on beginning i had ps3 with 4.21 firmware, but now i had downgraded it to 3.55 and installed multiman. The pkg file of my GT5 i have eboot fixed to 3.55.

    After all installings, i put a backup game (GT5) in to External HDD, but when i run it, my ps3 says that the ps3 needs at least 4.10 or higher version! What i need to do that my ps3 goes on 3.55 firmware version! plzz help

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    Starchild2k Guest
    well now that your on a 3.55 firmware every new game that you have you must patch it to 3.55 firmware for example black ops 2 is a 4.25 game you would have to do an eboot patch to make it work for 3.55 CFW

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    Lanceris5 Guest
    Ok thank you, i would try it!

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