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    Question problem with my ps3 disc drive help?

    the ps3 dvd drive i am having problems with the alignment problem with the drive the arm only move a little bit and make grinding noises how can i fix this ? i also added a picture of my problem.

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    Take off the part with the gears, then on the bottom of the drive there should be a metal arm. Make sure thats aligned. and check that on the sides of the laser deck the black tabs that move when the disk is in or out are in proper position (left side up and right side down) then reassemble. From the pic its kinda fuzzy.

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    ok any other help because i have 3 drives like that i am trying to fix.

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    isn't the problem with grinding in the "top" plastic part? a tiny plastic arm is in "loaded" position, and when you try insert a disc it starts grinding becouse it cant go further, if i recall it right its a small white plastic that moves in wrong position easily can't remember if it should be visible or not, search youtube and you will find guides

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    no i don't have the top piece on at all . the arm only move a half of a inch because were the motor moves the gears it getting stuck at that point. i see some youtube videos but they are too fast and they don't explain it very well.

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    is the tray that holds the laser raised? that's the easiest way to see if the drive thinks its loaded

    Try these:

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    well i have seen those videos before but it getting stuck to the drive motor and i use ms paint and spray pain it black to show you. look at my attachments of the picture that is my problem.. please help.

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    Getting stuck there? have you done anything to the drive? new laser? because it should never hit there, even at its lowest point. is there any way you can post a video from maybe a cell phone so i can see it trying to accept the disk. Im still leaning towards an problem with deck arms being in the wrong position. when you have the top of the drive off can you put a disk in place manually, then see if the ps3 will read it. When a laser craps out it wont spin, raise, or lower the deck at all. The pics are just a little small and too broad of an area.

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    yes getting stuck there. well i can post another picture all of them need a laser replacement as well. i can't make a video of it because i don't that type of cell phone. ok on this picture i added where i use the spray paint on ms paint. where it show black that how far the arms will move then that where i hear the grinding noises from.

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    Ok from your last picture when the disk is out of the drive the gears that operate the black arm should not be making contact with any other gears, if it is then you have to realign the laser tray. let me get one of my drives and ill take a picture of it in the empty position.

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