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Thread: Problem with my PS3

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    ruyse Guest

    Problem with my PS3

    I started up my PS3 today and it was real slow to load all the icons for songs, movies, games, etc.
    All my demos are gone, however, if i choose to group items by format, it says that there are 5 items under Playstation 3

    I cannot access my save game utility but my games are still saved and loadable
    i have no files in game data utility but COD4 runs perfectly and doesn't ask me to install the patch it asked me too when I first bought the game

    My save on Drake's Fortune has disapeared and there are 2 new entries
    One says it was from yesterday around 4:30

    The other one has the same % completed and says its from whatever time it is when you check it (for example, if i try to load the save at 8:20, it says the game was last saved at 8:20)

    Can anyone please help me?
    I'm worried something is going wrong with my system and i treat it like a baby

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    31ken31 Guest
    might be having hard drive issues my buddy just had to send his back cause of a similiar issue

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    ruyse Guest
    i really hope i don't have to send it back
    i think i'm going to back up all my data and reformat the drive
    i wanna wait though just in case someone comes across with a for sure solution
    can you explain your buddy's problem specifically please?

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    astimodeus Guest
    try to use an alternative hard disk and see what you get

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    ruyse Guest
    ahh i just reformatted the drive last night

    i backed up all my saves and everything so its all good

    and it seems like everything is in working order

    pissed: that i had to reformat

    happy: that i didn't have to send it out

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