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    Question Problem with Multiman Emulating BD Rom error?

    Hi. I backed up one of the games that I recently purchased (prince of Persia the forgotten sands) on my external hdd. However, when I tried to run it, I got a blackscreen. So I tried select + X, however I got a message saying that there was an error while parsing device mount table. How can I fix this?

    For those wondering, I backed it up so I don't have to keep switching CDs and because of smoother gameplay.


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    Search the Forums for BDEMU.pkg that is what you need also along side multiMAN to make it work after you install multiMAN you would install BDEMU.pkg then you can run the backups hope this helps

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    Hi. Thanks for your reply. I have already installed BDEMU.pkg but it didn't solve the problem. I'm on wanin v1 and I've got multiman v 1.15, I think.

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    Update to Wan V2, as V1 had a greater risk of bricking the console. Did you use MM to back it up or did you just copy the disc contents to the ext?

    Try updating to V2 first, I'm on that with MM too and ext working OK for me.

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    You are probably getting an error because you tried to launch the game with select+x without first deleting the game data in the XMB, or you are trying to launch it from your internal drive. Remove all game data for it using the Game Data utility and then go back into MM and try to launch the game.

    If that doesn't work, update to the newest version of MM, delete the game rip, and re-rip it directly to your external drive. Remember, Select+X only works from and external device

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