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Thread: Problem getting The Sly Collection backup running help?

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    Crashdance22 Guest

    Problem getting The Sly Collection backup running help?

    Hi, the other day I made a backup of The Sly Collection (NSTC) and am having difficulty getting that backup to run. I'm running 3.41 OFW, Gaia Manager, and I'm using the TI-84+ jailbreak with peek/poke support. I have not modified any PS3 hypervisors and do not plan to.

    I have not touched the filesystem at all, and also don't plan to. The backup I made is complete and is stored on a USB external HDD formatted as FAT32. I have already downloaded and replaced EBOOT.BIN, Sly1.self, Sly2.self, and Sly3.self as required since this game specifies v3.50 as a required firmware. I have also modified PARAM.SFO to specifiy 3.40 rather than 3.41, as I read.

    I have successfully ran backups in the past including games with Move support. I am not using the "memory patch" or "direct boot" features of Gaia Manager.

    Now on my actual problem. When I try to start the game with any PS3 game in the drive, I am returned to the XMB. What's strange about this is I don't even see the Move safety screen, and most people who are having issues with running this game get a black screen AFTER the Move screen. Because the EBOOT is not started until after the screen disappears, I know EBOOT.BIN is not the problem.

    GameOS isn't seeing this as a Move compatible game for some reason. I have read where several people have gotten this game to work using 3.41 and the EBOOT/SELF fix. Can someone help me with this? It would be much appreciated.

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    Crashdance22 Guest
    Does this game require Hermes? It doesn't make sense that I can get other Move games to run yet I can't get to the Move screen on The Sly Collection.

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    soldier Guest
    i'm one of the ones that had it working on 3.41. i did all of what you said above and also I was using hermes + multiman in bd mirror mode. i remember this game was trouble to get running also. hope that helps.

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    Crashdance22 Guest
    After doing much research on kmeaw I might actually think about installing it. My homebrew PS3 is pretty useless if I can't even play my backups. I read that it works with kmeaw 3.55. I suppose I'll try that when I get a chance.

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