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    [UnAnswered] Problem with Dualshock 3 controller?

    Hey everyone! I've been having a problem with my controller for a while now, although I didn't really care until now. So here it is: the controller just doesn't seem to boot.

    No red light, not working on PS3, and doesn't seem to show any sign of life.. except.. When I connect it to the computer, Windows makes the 'USB connected' sound and lists the device in the Device Manager as a HID-compliant game controller and USB input device (in human interfaces devices). Weird as it does not light on at all and doesn't work on PS3 with just the USB cable.

    No, the reset button did not fix anything.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: The reset button seems to do nothing except a reset of the memory or whatever. When I press on it while it is connected, it is disconnected and reconnected. In the Devices section of the control panel, it shoes as a PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller.
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