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    teeth08 Guest

    Problem Downgrading with ps3key help?

    okay so when i'm in ps3key updater, its recognising my ps3key, but when i choose the jig file and press update, the status bar isn't going up, it might be that i'm using version 1.0 and it needs 1.1.

    but i can't get that as my key didn't come with a serial number, so if someone could provide that it might work.

    or if you have any suggestions please share.


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    luci Guest
    PS3KeyUpdater_v11.zip in the attachments

    Hope this helps!

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    teeth08 Guest
    thanks, tried it and its still not working, this is annoting me now

    any other suggestions?

    alright, think i figured it out but need help. on windows vista my ps3key is coming up as a usb human interface device but on the videos its coming up as a input device? anyone know how to change it to that

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    luci Guest
    In this case i can't help you. Sorry!

    Try to unplug your dongle, restart your pc and then re do the update!

    Is your ps3key atmel or silabs?

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    BigWheel Guest
    hello , if your key never come with serial number it might be a clone or something. Have a look at this thread... it seemed to work for them and they were in the same scenario as you: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-he...ey-115842.html

    Update... actually I see it was you who made the original post... I actually do a lot of reading when i am on forums and do not usually look at who post... why would you not keep one thread... in the other thread i thought you had it all figured out.

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    wilpac05 Guest
    have you tried using updater in xp sp2 compatibity mode?

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