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Thread: Problem with controller (won't charge or react on USB)

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    Bastart Guest

    Exclamation Problem with controller (won't charge or react on USB)

    Tried a new battery, to reset it and even with another USB cable but still no result wathever. The Toshiba chip gets real hot when connecting it to the PS3 USB port?

    is it broken or is there a change to still save the damn thing!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Im not in in the controller thing but if any of this chips getting very hot (extremly hot) than i think the chip is gone. Buy a new controller or if you have soldering skils search for the chip as replacement part for the ps3 controller.

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    DoodyShaun Guest
    How long have you had it? If it's still under guarantee, I would get it replaced mate.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    He has changed the battery and for that he have to open the controller. So the guarantee is gone. But maybe there is no guarantee break if you open up the controller... i dont know exactly.

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    DoodyShaun Guest
    To be honest, if it's under guarantee still... I would get it replaced.

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    spido Guest
    do you already try to charge the controller on you PC?? maybe a problem on your ps3

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