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    [Answered] Premium or Core PS3?

    hey i was one of the lucky ones to get a preorder but i ordered the core package? Do you think that was a mistake? Im not sure if i'll be selling or keeping it. I could settle with the core for myself but do you think it will be better to get the premium to sell (ebay)....I have till the end of the day to decide, your input will be appreciated...thanx
    Best Answer - Posted by PS4 News:

    I got the Premium.. after waiting in line I wasn't about to "settle" for any less.

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    I got the Premium.. after waiting in line I wasn't about to "settle" for any less.

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    With HDMI on the core model, I don't see much point to the "premium" version. Someone's bound to come up with a hardware mod to hook up a larger 3rd party hard drive. Until then, the core 20 Gig drive should suffice. Wireless? Why use wireless when wired is faster and more reliable? That leaves the flash card reader. Not sure what I would even need that for.

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    Who really cares about PS3-PSP connectivity? Did you guys use it for PS2? Did you use your GBAs with your GCs? IMO, that extra $100 saved can buy a game and a controller. Plus, the HDD is future upgradeable. Seems like a no brainer to me...

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    it's beautiful! psp-ps3 together!!!!

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    Premium is the way way to go.

    The core PS3 (unlike the core 360) cannot be upgraded to the premuim version.
    So that is why I preordered 2 Premiums

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    The only thing not upgradeable to Premium would be the multi-card reader (I'm sure someone will make a wifi attachment for the $500 PS3). And lets be honest: Who gives a crap about that when you can put saves on your HDD?

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    And if you want to share saves?

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    I got the premium package, but I don't see anything really wrong with wanting the other one. I want the premium because:

    A) I like the extra space, and if I'm gonna be paying a crapload for the PS3, I might as well get one that will definitely work through all of the firmware updates and whatever.

    B) I really have no other choice than to go wireless at this time just due to the fact that the wiring in this building is incredibly screwed up and the closest area that I could plug anything in is downstairs - I'm not about to go drilling holes in a rental house and I'm too much of a neat freak/lazy ass to string a 50 foot ethernet cable around the room, down the stairs, and into the router.

    C) The card reader will be nice to have around when I'm showing off my photos to family/friends, and it'll also make a nice addition for sharing save files, etc. It's just a nice thing to have.

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    Doesn't both PS3 versions have PS3 standard proprietary memory slots like PS2/PS1? I doubt sony would shaft $500 buyers with never being able to transfer saves.

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