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    60gb to sell to the suckers day one. for me i only need the 20gb dont need wifi. sense hdmi was put back in the core its just fine for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flubug View Post
    what if they expect to call you and say that you were on the 5th person and said that we only have core would you still take it?
    Gamestop said that the only thing that Sony is iffy about is the main processors, he stated that they have a certain amount of systems, but not a certain amount of the specific systems, so I assume they send their orders to Sony and they ship out whatever they requested.

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    As a response to two in one:

    Wireless *will* be used for online play/internet browsing/Sony store, and also be used as a wireless hub for the PSP to connect to the internet itself and also connect to the console.

    I don't think only "suckers" are going for the premium package either. With no option for wired internet, it's my only choice, and when looking at what I'd be paying extra (even If I could hook up any hard drive, for 60-80 gigs, I'd have to pay around $50 minimum on a good deal day...for wireless internet adapter, I'd be paying $50 minimum as well) so it's not like I'm getting ripped off.

Closed Thread
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