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    =( been so busy with WoW that I didnt even get a chance to see this... stupid NE rouge!

    Um... Ill call eb tommorow and hope to dear god they have something left, ANYTHING! I want the preimum but Ill take what I can get.

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    Hum... the Core and the premium are quite the same now... now that they both have the hdmi input... O wellz...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhnblckwood View Post
    hey i was one of the lucky ones to get a preorder but i ordered the core package? Do you think that was a mistake? Im not sure if i'll be selling or keeping it. I could settle with the core for myself but do you think it will be better to get the premium to sell (ebay)....I have till the end of the day to decide, your input will be appreciated...thanx
    agee i have to agree but to be honest you cant beat the premium packages even with xbox 360 if your gona get core dont bother unless your buying another 1

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    Core for me. Everything can be upgraded and I prefer all black.

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    Premium for me... i expect to have MS Slot.

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    So the Ps3 wifi is only for connection psp... I thought it was for Online gameplay too :??

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    I dont think thats the case.... the PSP connects through the USB. I think the WiFi is also for online play.

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    i think it is only worth gettin the premium version to behonest, same as with the xbox360, no point only going halfway because no matta wat u do it will cost alot of money

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    what if they expect to call you and say that you were on the 5th person and said that we only have core would you still take it?

    Torontoians out of luck no PS3 pre orders

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    Quote Originally Posted by studtrooper View Post
    Doesn't both PS3 versions have PS3 standard proprietary memory slots like PS2/PS1? I doubt sony would shaft $500 buyers with never being able to transfer saves.
    We've known for a while - Since the memory card slots are obsolete it'd be pretty ridiculous to take up space that would really be used only once. Sony will be selling a device that'll transfer saves from an old memory card to the system..I'm guessing it'll run about $15 and since it's one-time use you could split it with your friends and pass it on when you're done.

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