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Thread: Preloader PS3 dump compatible with flasher help?

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    Brenza Guest

    Preloader PS3 dump compatible with flasher help?

    Hi, some days ago i made a valid nor dump by using preloader advance 3.1.

    Now i bricked my PS3, if i buy a flasher can i use preloader dump to restore my ps3?

    Please help me if you can!

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    technodon Guest
    Yes, if you use e3 though, you may need to byte reverse it with flowrebuilder.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Also with the e3 you will have to rename it or it will not see the dump. Check the e3 guide to help with this. Thanks

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    need to rename it to bkpps3.bin

    also i had bricked mine while using the e3 make sure you do a backup of your bios or your faked also if bricked you will have to solder one wire need help i can help you

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