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    sidglide Guest

    Prankster AVR Help?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Prankster AVR USB device. I needed help with flashing it with the correct Hex.

    Could you please guide me.


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    bb01 Guest
    ok, this is something i've been working over.. The hexing for awhile..

    Ok 1st thing is you need to download the right Hex

    Then install flip 3.4.2 (google is your friend for finding it)
    Then plug the usb dongle in, will need to plug & unplug 3-4 times, till both red & blue led shows up.

    then goto devices in Flip, select ATMega32U2

    Then file / load hex

    then settings, communications / usb
    it then should connect to your AVR

    then bottom left, click the run button..

    This should then flash the hex onto your AVR USB

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