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Thread: Power Disk drive independently help?

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    Shaha Guest

    Power Disk drive independently help?


    I would like to power up the disk drive of a PS3 independently. I have a broken unit, power is coming into the unit and to the 'power conditioning box'?? (or whatever that is)

    I would like to bypass the motherboard and go straight from here to the blu-ray disk drive.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Le meas

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    severusx Guest
    For what purpose? I'm sure that the drive has a proprietary connector that would require you to solder in your own power leads. However, short of getting it to spin what do you hope to do? The controller boards are paired to the PS3 so it's not like you'll be able to get video or anything from it.

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    Shaha Guest
    I'm a mechatronics student and for my final year project I am converting the disk drive into a surface measurement device. as the laser focuses it moves up and down, I can take the movement of the laser as a profile of the micro peaks and valleys on a surface by tapping into the analog signal of the VCM (Voice coil motor) or the FES (Focus error signal) of the laser. I hope

    If i were to remove the connector from the power going into the motherboard(4 pins from what i remember) and replace it with the connector that goes into the disk drive(5 pins from what i can remember) will I be able to power up the unit?

    If so which pin would be inactive. Thank you for your reply.

    Le meas

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    severusx Guest
    Not too sure on that, but what i would do is use your volt meter to check for the 12v, 5v, and 3.3 v leads, as I think it would be safe to assume that it uses the same voltages that a PC drive would. You can probably then solder on your own molex/sata style power connector and use a pc power supply to run it.

    I obviously have never done this, so it is just an educated guess. It may catch fire so have an extinguisher handy.

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    Shaha Guest
    Thank you for your reply. My problem is the PS3 i have to take parts from has some problem on the motherboard that means power isn't getting to the drive for me to see which wire is which.

    If it is a five pin input are you saying that there would be a 12V + a 5V + a 3.3V input and what would be the other two inputs.

    Le meas,

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    barrybarryk Guest
    um since the drive uses all proprietary connectors and firmware (with built in security we know little about) wouldn't it be an awful lot easier to just use a bog standard and well documented OEM drive?

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    daveshooter Guest

    Running a internal hdd0, externally. TUT

    OK to get the sata connections outside the PS3, so you can use a 2.5 and a 3.5 sata drive , you will need something like one from here:

    Then if you have one. Try this.

    1. Find the end of your new lead,the male end which plugs inside the PS3 drive tray.

    2. Now leaving space to cover the cut wires, for insulation afterwords,cut off the Red,Yellow,and both Blacks about 30mm from the male connector end, leaving fore longer fly leads coming from the female end.

    3. Now hunt the house for old Digi boxes that had hard drives in, like a DBox or some vox boxes that had a hard in, old sky boxes with hd, DvD recorders with hd, even old xbox1's had hard drive power that used a molex power connector that had RED YELLOW and both BLACKS. Some media drive caddy's had 12 and 5 volts coming out the transformer end because the drives were IDE and it helped to keep the heat down inside the housing, so you may find one there.

    4. Now with your power supply, test it powers up ok without the parts you have disregarded in a safe place so you don't blow ya self up. and test its outputs.

    5. After removing the power from the wall, connect the fore wires up like for like, Red-red Yellow-yellow but noting that in some cases the blacks are not the same ground, so just put the black that was next to the red,next to the red, and the black that was next to the yellow, next to the yellows, just like it was before you cut it.

    5a. Staggered Soldered lay on joints would be best, but not always easy if you don't have the means to do it, so I would use small 12v choc blocks thats could be found in old toys that had the larger battery's, old low lighting units have them, and some strip lights, even inside old garden electrical tools have them.

    6. After terminating, go over and make shore you have done a safe job, and there is no way of shorting out anything.

    7. Now fit with the fixing/holding caddy screw PS3 end a peace of wire the same size as the red/yellow/blacks are. so you will have a wire coming from the drive try of your ps3, that will hang outside, Black or green, its up to you, its just to stop power spikes between the ps3 and your home made power supply.

    8. connect it all up, not forgetting to join that fly lead to the drive with a fixing screw. then power the drive 1st, and let it spin up, then the ps3, never the other way round. Thats it.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    yeah he's talking about the blu ray drive not the hard drive.

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    daveshooter Guest
    That will teach me for misreading his post. Ha ha. thanks Barry.

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    Apr 2005
    I still +Rep'd ya for your detailed reply attempt though daveshooter.

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