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Thread: Power Disk drive independently help?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    well I wouldn't know what drive would be the best for it but you're best bet would be to try find a manufacturer with an office somewhere you could actually visit if it was needed. I'd start with whoever I could find closest to me and contact them first via email and work my way out.

    Tech companies generally respond well to requests like this as there's quite a bit of free publicity involved for them as well as appearing to help students research or you could go completely homemade with a variation of the technique here:

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    daveshooter Guest
    I understand why you decided to use the ps3 BDVD then, if you was trying for top marks because you would deserve it, if you cracked the drive and fabricated a biometric unit out of it. I remember some question in a computer online train coarse, about retina scanners, and finger print scanning using biometrics, and I never really needed to know how they worked or what lasers they us, until now. So if I'm right, is this something your trying to make?

    I was thinking, even if you find the right housing and laser with a card you can download data from, you will still need a fuzzy-logic controller, connected separately to the control of the laser, because I believe you maybe able to read from the card, but not
    send commands to it to control the laser movements, I dunno?

    And you said something about a bigger connector, what about a old SCSI printer cable? Its screened and has a 50 way centronic at one end, maybe just what you looking for.

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    Shaha Guest
    Sorry I should of explained the purpose

    My intention is to measure the 2D surface profile of a polished metal surface. I hope to profile the micro peaks and valleys of the surface.

    I would imagine the motor should be easy enough to hack onto to control the movement.

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