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Thread: Power Disk drive independently help?

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    daveshooter Guest
    Thanks PS3 News.

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    Shaha Guest
    Got a bit excited there... Thanks very much for the effort though!!

    Any chance of an equally detailed post on what i'm actually looking for?

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    daveshooter Guest
    Ya sorry about that, I did not read all your post and mist the bit about bdvd. Anyway getting back then, to what you asked.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shaha View Post
    I would like to power up the disk drive of a PS3 independently. I have a broken unit, power is coming into the unit and to the 'power conditioning box'?? (or whatever that is)

    I would like to bypass the motherboard and go straight from here to the blu-ray disk drive.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    I think this is where I got confused, when you said "I would like to power up the disk drive of a PS3 independently" when I didn't read it all through. So Barry's post says it all, if you are talking about you bdvd drive.
    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    um since the drive uses all proprietary connectors and firmware (with built in security we know little about) wouldn't it be an awful lot easier to just use a bog standard and well documented OEM drive?
    Just in case you can be helped in another way, can you explain, what you mean by you have a broken unit, power is coming into the unit. (psu) but you say its broken. How do you know there is power coming in? can you explain what signs tell you its working? Also What parts are not working? It will help to know, so it will give more of an idea of what you are trying to achieve, or fix, and maybe explaining what you mean by you want to bypass the motherboard and go straight from here to the blu-ray disk drive.

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    Shaha Guest
    For my final year project I am using the Blu-ray laser unit from a PS3 (KEM-410ACA) to measure surface roughness. I will relate the proportional analog signal from the voice coil motor that focuses the laser dot on the surface of a disk to the a profile of the micro peaks and valleys on the surface.

    I bought the disk pickup unit on its own on ebay as i will need to open it up to hack into the signal... after investigating a little bit decided the best why to power it up was through a console.

    A lecturer had a broken one so I opened it up and established power was coming as far as the inverter as i could hear it power up once plugged in. Power was then going as far as the motherboard as there were 1/2 (almost sure it was a red on the left and a green on the right that turned red after a few seconds, maybe i'm imagining the red on the left though) but there was no activity on the disk drive leading me to believe there is no no power coming fro the motherboard.

    This is the reason i am trying to power the disk drive unit straight from the inverter. All I want to do is turn on the laser and control the motor that moves it. I have got my hands on some PS3 schematics that are useful but still not sure about how to power up the unit.

    Sorry this turned into an essay

    Le meas,

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    daveshooter Guest
    No thanks for the essay, now I fully understand what you mean, and why your needing a power supply. I must confess this is new to me, but I have a very keen interest in what your doing, and with what little knowledge I have about electronics,computers and hardware I would love to see if I can help, and pick up a thing or two myself.

    Is there any reason your using a ps3 bdvd pickup unit apart from it being convenient of its form? Does it have to be BDVD Laser? and if so what happens to the DVD/CD Laser If their was one ? The lasers motion range is only about 4", are you changing the reach? or are you only doing small things like finger prints? in other words are you using the same housing or fabricating a new one to scan bigger things? because I was just wondering , getting back to what I ask before if you can use DVD/CD Laser's, then would a 12" old Laser disk player work? Or would it be possible to fit the Blu-ray laser unit in Laser disk player giving you the power you need and the housing to hold it in?

    I really believe that ps3 is a no goer because its maybe sat some were damp in a school back room, and now the fan has stuck and not spinning up on startup. It maybe had the Light of death, or something. I take it you did have a video lead in when trying it? You don't need a hard drive nor a BDVD drive in the PS3 for it to power up, but you do need a power lead and video lead.Just incase you did not know.

    Let me know.

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    Shaha Guest
    I chose the PS3 as it would be the most difficult to use I have full schematics for the PS3 (sshhhh ) which include the pin out configuration for the disk drive unit. I now need to decipher these to see how i can move the motor to move the laser just 10mm. I imagine this will just be sending an voltage input to the correct pin. All I need to do then is to get power to the actual laser, again i have the pin out config but there is 60 pins and i'm having a bit of trouble figuring it out. I hope again it will be as simple as a voltage input to the right pin.

    I'm sticking with blu ray as its spot size is smaller. It would be wise for me to have a backup plan though in case the playstation turns out to be to difficult, I and am open to suggestions on a blu ray laser pickup unit similar to the KEM-410ACA I have that I can easily find the following for:

    1. A stand alone power up sequence.
    2. Detailed schematics including pin out configuration

    Also I need to find a connector that on one side will take a 60 pin ribbon cable and on the other side something larger i can easily connect to.

    The enclosed laser unit is cant really be transfered to another unit. As i only want 10mm of a scan it's ok in the unit i comes in.

    The unit had the light of death a couple of weeks ago and has come straight from his house so should be ok. Power lead is there not sure what the video lead is though.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    the pinout isn't the issue though. the drive's firmware (which will need to be manipulated to control the drive) includes encryption and is matched to a key on the PS3 motherboard.

    to play with any of these you'll need to use the keys which will render your project illegal and against most universities policies as far as I can see.

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    Shaha Guest
    Hi, Thank you for you reply.

    I should be ok, they were impressed i had the schematics so if this was going to be a problem i think they would of pulled me on it there. Could you explain a little bit more about how i would input a key to the unit if it's not connected to the motherboard if you don't mind.

    Le meas.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    well the theory would be to mimic all communication which goes from the drive to the board and vice versa when a disc is inserted (not necessarily loaded from xmb) but again spoofing this information would qualify as circumventing copy-protection which would be illegal in a big way (given Sony's recent love of law suits, I'd stay away from publicly investigating how the drive communicates with the kernel, as this is where the disc is validated).

    The only way it could be done legally would be if you wrote your own firmware from scratch but then again that would involve studying the original firmware as the majority of the drives functions are undocumented (so again a legally grey area).

    Just use an off the shelf blu ray drive, then if you contacted the manufacturers for information and explained the situation they'd even be likely to help. Also the stock connections will be well documented and easier to manipulate.

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    Shaha Guest
    Mmmm, when you put it like that... Thanks for the advise, I'll take you up on that.

    Would you have a suggestion for a blu ray drive to use, or even a manufacturer who would have a history of being receptive to slightly unusual requests

    Le meas

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