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Thread: Possibly dead Ps3 lasers?

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    taladas20 Guest

    Possibly dead Ps3 lasers?

    Hi guys.

    Sorry to post here as i know it might be the wrong section but i need some help from the gurus. A good friend of mine just returned from living in the states and he brought back with him 2x 40gig NTSC ps3 consoles manufactured sep 07.
    Both of the consoles are not reading any kind of media.

    Ive tested some games/movies and the disc ejects in the same position it went in with and im pretty sure the console isnt spinning up discs. These consoles are out of warranty by now, so do you guys recommend replacing the entire laser assembly? Ive heard bad numerous batches of replacement lasers are not reliable. Any advice is welcome.


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    trawkins Guest

    Probably BR laser is broken check this PS3 Blue Ray Test how should work correctly. Warning laser light

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    taladas20 Guest
    No "flash" from the lasers so i take it they are dead.

    Thank god they're not my consoles.

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