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    [UnAnswered] Is it possible to use a IDE HDD?

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    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to use a IDE HDD in the PS3 for use with PS2 games. I know the PS3 used a S-ATA connector but I was thinking it may be possible to solder an IDE cable to the main board like we use to do with the PS2 Slims. So anyone know if this is possible?

    Thanks in Advance


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    have u tried just using a sata-to-ide cable? i wouldnt go around soldering stuff unless u know what ur doing.

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    that wouldent help at all as when in ps2 mode the ps3 cannot see the sata drive, I want to use an ide so when im in ps2 mode i can use it for programs like hdadvance

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    you can use a ide hard drive on it but you need a sata cable on the end of a lead so its a cable that has the that looks exactly what you get on your sata hard drive which has to leads connected to this.. so you have the data end and power end female then the data end plugs into a serial ata connector that connects to ide hard drive. then u need the power from your pc floppy drive to connect to it then the other end that looks exactly like the sata hard drive connection slots into ps3 and then you can use it.

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    i have already stated that using an ide to sata connector is useless as when in ps2 mode the ps3 cannot see the sata drive, however it could see an ide drive it one were connected, NOT VIA AN IDE TO SATA ADAPTER, like how old ps2 slims without a hard drive bay worked, you would open up the ps2 slim and solder your 80pin ide cable to the main board.

    All i am asking is if this method is still possible. if anyone else suggests a ide to sata connector i will give up on this. how hard is it to actually read a post?

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    JSE dont be cheeky


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