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Thread: Possible to update GT5 if use jailbreak to play?

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    wwywong Guest

    Possible to update GT5 if use jailbreak to play?

    I am successfully playing GT5 in my jailbreak ps3 (3.41) with the patched EBOOT.BIN. Just wondering, will the game still be playable (in jb 3.41) if I were to update the game to 1.05?

    Also, is the features in the update (1.05) worth updating? Since I would imagine I cannot play online anyway (cannot log into PSN since I am still in 3.41)

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    barrybarryk Guest
    no, the features would be good but updating will make the game unplayable as the modified eboot would be overwritten.

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    pschip Guest
    imagine that I'm playing from the original BR disc and I make the update to 1.05. The update goes to my ps3 hard disc along with a new EBOOT, but when I put the BR disc the original EBOOT.BIN isn't overwritten buy the update, right? because the ps3 doesn't write on the BR disc. So, regardeless of the updates, the eboot bin from a BR disc is the one that is going to launch always the game in first step.

    How does this works? How the BR disc EBOOT "calls" for a new one in the ps3 hdd? how does it knows that there is a new one in the ps3 hdd? In a JB ps3 why can't we just put the files from the update in the original game folder and overwritte again with the patched EBOOT? Why does this don't work??!!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    because it doesn't, get over it.

    we need to wait for a NPDRM key for PSN updates to be decrypted / modified.

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